Can Brax convince Casey he was set up?

Brax still can’t get Casey to defend himself and pushes Natalie to try harder to get him to listen to sense. The answer, however, comes when Marilyn calls to talk about Danny’s funeral and, though Brax sends her packing, Natalie points out this may be a way to make Casey see the truth about what Danny did.

On the day, Casey, Brax and Heath arrive at the funeral and Brax gets a few minutes to convince his younger brother that he was set up by his own father. Suddenly, realisation hits Casey and his whole attitude changes: he’s going to fight his case!

Meanwhile, April returns to Irene’s in tears as Sasha points out to Sid that he’s gone too far. Sid admits to Irene that he feels helpless and she suggests he talks to April and make amends. He does and they both admit they’re scared but as they’re at Dex’s bedside, he starts to wake. To their delight, they try to help him but are taken aback by his hostile manner.