Leah witnesses how seriously Geoffrey has been threatening Brax and offers to help. He tells her to stay out of it, but she goes behind his back and agrees to pay Geoffrey the full 25,000 dollars if he promises to leave Brax alone. When Brax finds out what she’s done, he’s furious. He reveals to Leah that it was a false debt.

April sneaks out of Bianca’s hen night to have a secret rendezvous with Heath. Liam spots the pair kissing. April returns to the party where her anxiety about her relationship with Heath intensifies – she’s just in time to hear the bride-to-be toast to her married life with ‘Heath’ instead of ‘Liam’.

Liam asks Romeo to be his best man. He accepts, and realises his first duty is to arrange Liam’s stag do. On the night, Heath and his boys gatecrash Liam’s poker game. Tensions are running high but Liam gets the last word when he announces at least he won the girl. Ouch!