Can Brax free Ricky?

Adam is growing tired of Ricky, while Brax blames Heath for leaving Adam to die, setting off the chain reaction of events. He texts Adam, who agrees to meet. Brax leaves alone against Heath’s protests. Brax finds Ricky tied up at the warehouse. Ricky tries to warn Brax that it’s a trap, but as he’s untying her Adam shoots him.

Marilyn advises John that the best way to patch things up with Jett is to start getting better. Everyone agrees to start searching for Jett. However, Bianca and Zac find Jett holed up in the Principal’s office. Jett wants to teach John a lesson about breaking promises. They convince Jett to return, but Jett scolds John before they reconcile, with the pair promising to do better by each other.

Despite the troubles he’s faced as a teacher, Bianca doesn’t regret having Zac on her staff. She finds evidence that Zac could not have been with Holly on some of the instances she’s claimed.

Zac now has an alibi, and Holly is proved a liar. However, before they can clear Zac’s name the local paper publishes a front page article lampooning Zac and supporting Holly’s allegations.