Can Brax unite Casey and Kyle?

Brax tells Casey that he’s chucked Kyle out after he kissed Tamara. Kyle’s at the Caravan Park, and Alf warns him to keep the noise down. Casey’s enraged when he finds out that Kyle is still working at Angelo’s. Kyle makes things worse by trying to explain that he read the signals wrong with Tamara, but he infers that Tamara’s interested in him.

Brax tries to get Kyle and Casey to sort stuff out, but Casey tells Tamara she should quit Angelo’s so she’s not working close to him and she’s hurt that he doesn’t trust her. Later, Casey tries to force Kyle into the gym car. Alf tries to stop them, but Kyle goes with Casey.

Dex asks Sid to give Steph a chance, but Steph tells Dex he has too much baggage. Dex thinks Sid will be happy that Steph dumped him, but Sid tells him he liked her. Sid just thought it was too soon after breaking up with April, and deep down Dex knows it too.

John’s scared that his test results will stop him and Gina adopting Jett. After some gentle joking with Alf about life with Jett as a son, John reveals he’s worried that if the adoption doesn’t go through it will hit Jett hard. Later, Gina gets the news from Molly. The Department have said the Palmers can adopt Jett.