Brax struggles to deal with Ricky’s revelation about her failed pregnancy and confronts Heath. Eventually, Brax puts his heart on the line again: he just wants to be with Ricky and to get back what they had. But Ricky is sick of the secrets and tells Brax that, even though she loves him, things are over.

Heath can’t work out how to tell Darcy about her baby brother. Bianca mentions to Heath that she thinks she should go back to work. An argument ensues and Bianca leaves.

When Evie skives off school, Zac leaves a message on her phone threatening to suspend her. He eyes a bottle of liquor – but resists taking a slug. Determined to make Zac stand up and notice, Evie later hands him her essay: it simply says: “‘I must not steal exam papers from Zac when he is drunk” over and over. 

Meanwhile, Hannah tells Zac that she thinks Evie is acting up because she is scared of all the uncertainty at home. Elsewhere, Spencer tells Evie to cut Zac a bit of slack. With Spencer’s words ringing in her ears, Evie leaves to go back to school. She sees Zac but before she can greet him, Heath is in Zac’s face, yelling abuse at him for sleeping with Bianca.