Can Brendan win his family back?

Brendan’s in Dublin and is furious that his ex, Eileen, won’t let him see his sons over Christmas. He tracks them down at the bus station, but they don’t want anything to do with him. As the bus drives away, Brendan is nearly knocked over by a desperate young man looking for ‘Craig’ – it’s John Paul McQueen! They bump into each other again at a nearby pub and talk turns to their lonely lives.

Cheryl tries to convince Ste to be with Brendan, but as she talks to him through the bathroom door, it’s actually Doug on the other side and he’s devastated. He’s furious at Cheryl, but if he realises that if loves Ste, maybe he has to let him go. At the airport, Doug presents Ste with a ticket to Dublin, he can’t be second best and he’ll be waiting for him if he ever changes his mind.

Joel is torn when Theresa wants them to go to Lapland for Christmas, but they’re skint. It seems his plan to stay straight may fall at the first hurdle when he’s tempted by an ‘associate’ of Brendan’s who turns up to strike a deal.

Dodger prepares the proposal of a lifetime, but will Texas be able to muster the courage to turn up?