Can Bridget and Declan resolve their problems?

Ringo enlists Zeke’s help when he discovers Declan has gone for good. The boys take Karl’s car to go in search of Declan and to bring him back home. The boys find Declan after his car broke down on a country road, but he’s determined not to return claiming Bridget is better off without him. When Ringo finds a baby wombat, Declan finds a part of him wants to do the right thing and be a good father.

Rachel and Donna try to convince Bridget to give Declan another chance before making a decision about the pregnancy. At the clinic, it’s a race against time as the boys try to bring Declan back and the girls try to stop Bridget going ahead with her plans.

Callum is determined to help Kelly get her job back as a teacher, and make Toadie proud. He gets help from a surprise source when Paul offers him savvy advice about making people take notice. Fired-up, Callum realises he needs to suffer to make his point and he instigates a unique protest with a very personal message. He wants to get the word out about Kelly’s dismissal so he can get her job back and improve relations between Toadie and Kelly.

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