Frazer, Rosie, Prue and Rachel grow increasingly alarmed as they search for missing Ringo. When Riley and Heather discover his backpack abandoned on the beach, a land and sea search is launched and the residents of Ramsay Street all pitch in. Hours pass with no sign of him and fears for his safety mount when Libby and Sam find Ringo’s goggles.

With a storm brewing, Steve is forced to tell Ringo’s distressed family that the police have to call off the search until the following day. Just as it looks like all hope is lost, Bridget suddenly spots an unconscious Ringo lying on the beach. Is he still alive?

Disappointed with Oliver, Rebecca questions his relationship with Elle, telling him he is putting his custody case in jeopardy. She confesses her fears that Elle is setting herself up for heartbreak, given their past history, leaving Oliver and Elle forced to confront where their flirting is actually going. And after a further chat with Rebecca, a resolute Elle tells Oliver that they should quit while they’re ahead this time.