Can Brody win Ziggy’s heart?

Or has Ziggy moved on?

Marilyn and Justin tell Brody not to give up on Ziggy. Maggie tries to warn Ziggy that Jarrod isn’t the best influence on her life, but Ziggy isn’t ready to listen to what her mum has to say. Later, Brody expresses his unease to Ziggy about Jarrod. Ziggy understands that it must be hard for him to see her with another man, but they aren’t together; things would be different if they were… Does Brody still have a chance with Ziggy?

Meanwhile, Willow is finding it difficult to find a job in Summer Bay. Things finally start to look up when Willow hears that John is looking for someone to fulfill the manager role at the gym. However, Mason has also applied for the role. Who will John choose? And will things between Willow and Justin change after they sleep together?

Also, Detective Inspector Shepherd turn up with a search warrant for the Pier flat. Robbo does his best to stay cool, but it doesn’t take long before Robbo gets into a scuffle with a policeman and is taken to the police station. As the police question Robbo about Novak’s death, he lets something slip that puts Kat’s career on the line.