Can Cain get through to Belle? (VIDEO)

With her mum and dad having failed to change her mind, Belle is still determined to plead guilty to Gemma’s murder. Now, it’s the turn of Cain who attempts to convince the teenager that the better option would be to plead ‘not guilty’ – but not even Emmerdale’s toughest resident can get through to her. Later, Cain visits Dom in the hope that he might be able to stop Belle from throwing her life away, but he just thinks she deserves everything that’s coming to her.

Priya finally decides to get help for her eating disorder by checking herself into a clinic for treatment. When she tells her parents, Georgia and Rishi, that she doesn’t want them to visit until she’s better, they are stunned, but reluctantly agree to let her be. However, when an anxious David visits, he is thrown when Priya reveals that he’s the only person she wants to visit her…

Following a phone call from Marlon, Donna and April are back in the village and it’s time for him to make a decision – does he want to be a part of his daughter’s life, or not? Donna’s exasperated when Marlon still refuses to budge on the matter. Is he really that hard-hearted?