The good times are rolling for Declan. He is determined that the goings-on at Home Farm – and the mischief-making of nasty Nathan and crafty Cain – will not stand in his way of a fun time and decides to take a jolly holiday. Very admirable – but Declan still doesn’t know everything he should. When the whole truth comes out will it spoil his fun?

What would life be without surprises? A lot simpler as far as Diane’s concerned. Her new life with charming Charlie isn’t exactly going the way she thought it would. She knew there would be problems ahead but she thought they would at least be able to get off to a good start – and they haven’t. Will Diane be returning to Emmerdale sooner than anyone thought? And will Doug get over his huge sulk and welcome her back if she does return?

Over at The Woolpack, the new landlords aren’t having a barrel of fun. Some of the locals are happy to have them behind the bar but others haven’t welcomed them with open arms. Is this because they know them and don’t like the idea of them running the pub – or because they don’t know them and don’t want to get to know them?

*Second episode, 8pm*

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… And in hard-nosed businessman Declan’s case that means going on a holiday. But should he really be escaping Emmerdale when Nathan and Cain are proving to be so unpredictable and more than a little threatening? If Declan leaves now, who knows what he might come back to…

Marlon is another Dingle with a plan but, unlike Cain, Marlon is trying to do good. Against all the odds, Shadrach has lived to see another birthday and Marlon wants the whole Dingle clan to throw the old goat a party. Well, it won’t cost much as Shadders is off the booze (the new landlords of The Woolpack are going to see a massive dip in their takings). But is there anyone in Emmerdale (besides good-hearted Marlon and equally good-hearted Laurel) who wants to party with lecherous old bloke who has lied to or cheated most of them in the past?

Meanwhile, the joie de vivre Diane was looking forward to with charming Charlie is lacking ‘joie’. Diane is stubbornly refusing to accept the reality of her situation, though, and is burying her head in the sand. Would that be French sand?

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