Can Cain save Butler’s from going bust?

Adam returns to Butler’s Farm much to Moira’s relief. It’s clear his mum’s hiding something, and he soon learns the bad news. A major client has cancelled an order and they’re about to get booted out by their unforgiving landlord, Declan. Moira’s quick to discourage Adam, but her son asks Cain whether he can get his hands on any more money.

At Joanie’s, Amy manages to convince the grandma she’s doing a project about Kyle. Taking the toddler home to the village fills the teen mum with delight as she does the rounds visiting Kerry and then super-excited Val. But Pollard’s worried – and even more so when he hears Amy telling him she’s his real mum.

Opening up to Vanessa, Rhona explains Paddy’s left her and says she understands why. Knowing just how close she came to taking more pills, the drug-addicted vet takes action and books herself into rehab.