Can Callum forgive Rani?

Rani’s play is a great success, even if she notices that Callum didn’t kiss her at the climax. As she soaks in the applause, Rani sees a vision of her mother Priya clapping for her. Callum admits to his parents that he still doesn’t trust Rani but Sonya urges him to give her another chance. Callum tells Rani he’ll still go out with her…provided she doesn’t speak to Bailey again. Rani agrees.

Terese catches Caroline leaving her post at work and says if she makes another mistake she’ll be fired. Caroline complains about this to Paul who assures her he’ll take care of it, putting his hand on her leg – something Sheila witnesses.

Caroline then turns up to work drunk and Terese sacks her on the spot. Caroline goes to see Toadie and asks for representation. Toadie then informs Paul that Caroline is suing Paul for sexual harassment.

Lauren suggests they have enough money to buy Harold’s Store but Matt is reluctant. When Matt hears Paul make a crack about Lauren’s management skills, he calls Lyn and  discovers she is willing to accept a low price. Vanessa and Lucas are also interested in buying the shop, as is Paul, but Lyn sells to Matt and Lauren.