Can Callum get over his mum’s past?

Having given Callum a copy of her police record, in a bid to be completely honest with him, she worries how he’ll react. Jade thinks her sister’s made a mistake, and tells her she’ll need to help Callum understand what he’s read. When Callum sees Jade in the park, he questions her about the time Sonya broke Jade’s arm and she tries to help Callum see that Sonya wasn’t well when she did all the bad things, and she is a different person now.

Following this, Callum pays Sonya a visit, telling her he doesn’t like what he read and doesn’t want to know that person. He makes her promise that she’ll never be that person again. She tries to explain that being an addict means she can’t promise, but under pressure, she agrees. Knowing she can’t let him down again, Sonya goes to a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting with Lucas.

With an assignment due, but unable to stop thinking about Andrew and Lisa kissing, Summer is stressed. When she takes her bad mood out on Kyle, he tries to make amends by buying her the DVD of Atonement to help with her essay. When she throws it back in his face, his reaction makes Summer question her behaviour and treatment of Andrew.

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