Toadie isn’t happy when Sonya admits telling Callum the truth about Mark Brennan. The following morning, they’re worried when he has left the house before they’ve had the chance to talk to him. Toadie heads to Harold’s where he finds out Callum’s been in there, and Kate points out that he seemed a bit down.

Meanwhile, Callum takes it upon himself to head to the police station to confront Mark’s boss about not doing anything to protect his officers. At home, he tells Toadie what he’s done and it’s clear he isn’t happy about knowing when Kate doesn’t. Later, Sonya and Toadie find Callum at the nursery, and he’s worked out the tree was planted in Mark’s memory. Seeing the pressure Callum is under, keeping this a secret, Toadie goes to see Mark’s boss, telling him Mark’s loved ones need to know.

As Tash, Andrew and Chris study, Chris is distracted by a car website and shows no interest in his school work. Andrew tries to get through to him and realises he’s trying to fail to spite his dad, and points out that if a few years down the line Chris decides he hates working on cars, what options will he have if he doesn’t even get through high school.