Gemma lures Kylie round to Callum’s flat, while an oblivious David is worried she’s going to miss her therapy session. Meanwhile, Callum points out the fabulous bedroom he’s had kitted out especially for Max and tells her that she, Max and Lily should move in with him and be a proper family.

When Simon opens his birthday presents, he’s disappointed that the trainers aren’t the ones he wanted. Leanne’s hurt and promises to change them. Later, Leanne threatens to tell Liz the truth about Dan, but he tells her to keep her mouth shut or he’ll tell Simon that she used to work as a prostitute.

In preparation for Deirdre’s return and her 60th birthday, Ken takes delivery of a new oven, but agrees to Liz’s suggestion to throw a surprise party in the Rovers instead.

Roy arrives at Cathy’s bearing bin bags hoping to persuade her to start decluttering the house.