Can Cameron bury his secret life as a killer? (VIDEO)

It’s Friday, the end of the week and Cameron’s got just one piece of business to take care of before he can enjoy his weekend. He’s got a body to dig up and move – Alex’s body. After four months in the ground, Alex might not be easy to handle, though. Chas is proving tricky, too. Cameron tries to get her out of the way by sending her to a spa with Gennie, but Chas sees Cameron in his van and follows him. Not a lot of trust in that relationship! Cameron sees Chas on his tail and shakes her off with a phone call full of lies. Alone in the woods, Cameron gets ready to dig – but he could be digging his own grave…

Amy drops Kerry in the hole she dug for herself – and about time, too! Amy’s having a drink in the pub with Victoria when Andy and Kerry come in. Kerry’s still making digs about Amy being after her man and Amy’s had enough. She tells Andy about Kerry leaving his kids home alone then steps back and watches her mother handle the fallout.

Paddy’s prepared to handle Vanessa’s disappointment when she finds out he has cleverly manoeuvred her out of his home with Rhona and into Brook Cottage. There! Now Paddy, Rhona and Leo can be a happy family threesome again.