Ste confronts Cameron and accidentally reveals that his family is leaving. Cameron rushes to The Dog and tells Leela that Peri doesn’t want to leave – they need to stop her. A desperate Leela tells Peri that she’s her mum. Peri runs off when Cameron confirms that he’s her dad and Leela is her mum. She tells Leela that all she’ll ever be is her big sister. Elsewhere, Danny disowns Ste for telling Cameron and ruining their lives. Leela tries to reason with Peri, but she has gone missing.

Lindsey tells Freddie that it’s him she wants and she’d forgive him anything if only he’d trust her. Freddie finds out that Lindsey is trying to set him up. He lies that he’s in love with Mercedes. Lindsey and Freddie are stunned when Mercedes agrees to move into the Roscoes with him.

Sinead goes on a date with Daryl, but she’s less then impressed with him and it’s clear she really wants to be with Tony.

Cindy and Dirk return home and are elated to introduce everyone to baby Hilton.