Johnny’s stunned to receive a visiting order from Rob and shows it to Carla. Carla confides in Nick how unnerved she is and reckons Rob’s clearly got an agenda. Can she persuade Johny not to go?

As Nessa cooks Ken his breakfast, Tracy’s outraged to realise she stayed the night. Roy later suggests to Nessa that the way to Ken’s heart is to win Amy round. So Nessa offers to take Amy to the Christmas markets after school. Realising she can play Nessa like a fiddle, Amy’s only too keen.

Bethany persuades Sarah to let her skip school so they can go shopping and enjoy some quality time together. Later, Sarah breaks down and admits to Todd she’s not sure she can have Callum’s baby…

Brendan meets up with Mary for a drink in the Rovers and turns on the charm, telling her he’s just waiting for the right time and one day they’ll be together.