Ravi encourages Calvin to work at things with Carmel, telling him that if his affair is over then there is nothing stopping him pursuing Carmel. Calvin takes his advice and asks Carmel if they can try again but she’s reluctant. After another pep talk from Ravi, Carmel arrives home, and Calvin is there waiting. He reminds her of their first holiday together.

Jamie lies beaten and bruised where Rhys and Darren left him after their attack. Hannah is heartbroken, not knowing where Jamie is. Rhys tries to make Hannah believe that she has been dumped. Feeling guilty about their attack on Jamie, Darren confides in Rhys. Rhys, however, is adamant that they did the right thing.

Nancy offers Hannah a glimmer of hope when says Jamie has left his bag behind. Darren tries to take Hannah’s mind off things by offering to take her away, however she is distracted when she sees a battered Jamie walking in. Hannah flies over to him and Jamie points the finger at his attackers.

Also; Holly tries to talk to Dom about her feelings of isolation, but he’s distracted and ends up spilling his chilli on the floor. An angry Dom shouts at Holly, blaming her for the spillage.

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