Can Carmel persuade Jim to stay?

Carmel finds out that Jim is leaving for a new job in London and is surprised by her feelings – she has to stop him. She bumps into him and they agree to give their relationship a go. They arrange a date, but Jim is preparing to hear the worst. He’s dumb-founded when she kisses him and asks him to stay in Chester.

Will looks through CCTV footage of last night and shakes with anger when he sees Texas get into the back of Dodger’s van. Texas tells Dodger that to be together she has to break up with Will. However, she can’t bring herself to end it when Will tells her he has an aneurism.

Jack knocks on Tom’s bedroom door, but doesn’t pick up on the lad’s hints that he’s in trouble. Luckily Darren does and kicks open the door to find a struggling Tom pinned to the floor by Clare. She bolts, followed closely by Darren who pins her to the ground – gotcha!

Also, Mercedes sneaks out of the McQueens, on a mission to find Jacqui and she does – in Alicante. Jacqui is furious to see Mercedes standing in front of her. It’s emotional as the sisters soak up the sun, knowing this will be the last time they’re together.