Carmel is struggling with temptation as she and hunky Father Francis take a dip in the hot tub!

Mitzeee spends a night in the cells and starts to worry when she is questioned by Ethan about how she got the money, but insists she doesn’t know. She admits to dipping in the till at the club which implicates Warren, and Ethan tries to get more information from her.

When Mitzeee tries to backtrack, Ethan warns she shouldn’t protect local gangster Warren as he’s already under surveillance and she doesn’t want to implicate herself in that investigation. But Ethan promises to let the wannabe WAG go if she tells them about the money.

Mitzeee’s furious when she’s released and heads to the club to see Warren but he’s preoccupied with Brendan – he’s counted his money and knows some is missing. Suddenly the club is stormed by the police, lead by Ethan, and the boys are forced to open the safe. They are floored when it’s found empty. The police leave empty-handed but the boys need to know where the money is.

Also, Diane grounds Sinead for two months when she sees Sinead’s lovebite – that means she’ll miss the prom!