Can Charity keep up her lie?

Charity’s got some explaining to do after Megan and Robbie accused her of having a termination. Will she manage to pull the wool over her Declan’s eyes? Meanwhile, Megan and Robbie are determined to find further proof against Charity so Robbie enlists the help of Tracy. Considering the fact that she’s fleecing money out of Sam, she’s not exactly a woman who can be trusted! Will she agree to help them, or do her loyalties lie elsewhere?

Tracy may be a sex worker, but it’s certainly not Sam’s body she’s interested in! She’s just using him to get as much money as she can out of him. Sam, however, just wants to wine and dine her and lavish her with lovely gifts. But he’s realised that he doesn’t have as much money as he thought he had to pay for treats for Tracy. So when he spots an ad for a payday loan company, will he be tempted to borrow some money?

Vanessa tries to move on from Kirin by having a night out with Leyla, but how will she react when she sees him with another woman? Meanwhile, Nicola likes how Rakesh takes pride in his appearance and wishes Jimmy did the same – what will she make him do?