Can Chas save Aaron from a life on the run?

*First episode*

A couple of years ago, when Aaron discovered Adam had deliberately started a fire at the garage, he took the rap by telling the police that he was to blame. But on the day of his court hearing, Aaron didn’t show up and since then he’s been on the run. Now as the Dingles hide Aaron at their place, Chas just can’t see how he can keep up the fugitive lifestyle forever, especially when she spots that he’s been self-harming again. So she decides the only solution is to shop Adam to the police!

After finding out about Donna’s dodgy dealings, Marlon decides he would much rather she was remembered for dying a heroic death so he finds himself lying to the police to protect her memory.

Single girl Vanessa has pulled a hot and hunky guy! She’s on cloud nine, but her hopes of a new romance soon comes crashing to the ground when she realises that the man in question is Rakesh’s 17-year-old son Kirin!