Can Cherry let go of her dream venue?

After receiving the shock news that their wedding venue had burnt down, Cherry can’t believe her luck when the Chateau Chaumont has a last-minute cancellation. Jimmi has reservations when he finds out it costs double what the previous venue did but gives in when he sees what it means to Cherry.

Out shopping for snacks, Cherry bumps into fellow bride-to-be Marissa, and Cherry lets her take the last copy of a wedding magazine. Later, at Chateau Chaumont, Joel and Jimmi both move towards the same parking space and recognising Cherry, Marissa tells Joel to let them have the space.

Charles takes Jimmi and Cherry on a tour of the venue as Beth shows Marissa and Joel around. The boys aren’t sold on the venue but Cherry and Marissa are delighted until they realise their weddings are on the same day! Things get heated between the couples as neither will give up the venue.

Marissa tries to outbid Jimmi and Cherry but Joel refuses to agree and storms out, followed by Marissa. Seeing how much it means to Cherry, Jimmi goes to find Charles and Beth, who are arguing. Charles gets breathless and falls, clutching his chest, and Jimmy gives him his medication for angina.

Joel tries to make Marissa see how crazy it is to spend so much money on a wedding just to impress her family but she just walks away. Cherry urges Joel to realise that Marissa just wants her family to love her.

Beth offers the venue to Cherry and Jimmi, who’s surprised when Cherry says she wants Joel and Marissa to have it. Joel and Marissa say they now plan to elope, so it looks like Cherry can have her dream venue after all.