Can Cheryl give Casey the answers he needs?

Casey tells Brax he’s meeting their mum at the house to talk, so Cheryl asks Brax to come with her. Casey tells her that if she won’t give him any answers then he and Cheryl are done. Ricky arrives home to find Cheryl upset and offers to stay with her while Brax finds Casey. Ricky points out to Cheryl that she needs to reach out to Casey.

Cheryl steps up and tells Casey the truth, admitting that she only kept it a secret because she was petrified that Danny would kill them both. Cheryl admits that Brax was an accident, but that Casey isn’t a product of a mistake – he’s the only thing she’s got to remind her of the one man she truly loved.

Jett discovers that the boat John gave him needs a lot of work and gives Denny some money to start working on it. Casey finds Jett with her and meets Denny for the first time. Jett reminds John that he has school camp next week and John’s a little put out that he’ll be gone for a while week.

Chris throws a sickie so he can avoid seeing Denny at work. But Irene asks Denny to drop by and give him some soup. When Denny shows up she tells Chris how hurt she is and then storms out. Chris wants to make a grand gesture but Spencer tells him to just be honest with her. Later, Chris comes in to the diner to apologise but sees Casey and Denny sharing a milkshake.