Can Ches prove he’s over Katy?

Ryan tells Katy he’s meeting the club promoter he was texting at a bar later. Suspicious Katy heads to the bar where she finds Ryan flirting with a woman. Making a point she introduces herself as Ryan’s girlfriend, which doesn’t go down well. Back on the street Katy lays into Ryan, accusing him of being a love rat and Ryan can’t deny it. Meanwhile, when Sinead tests Ches’s feelings for her by asking him to stay the night, he’s unable to prove he’s over Katy.

Nick and Leanne make up, but the faultlines remain and when the Gazette arrives, complete with a report on the raid at the Bistro, tempers soon fray again.

Paul’s worried when one of the parents of the hoax callers lodges a formal complaint against him. He’s facing charges of aggressive behaviour.

Also, Carla’s worried when she looks at the accounts for the bookies, which leaves Peter stewing; Tim takes a shine to Sally.