Can Chesney move on with Sinead?

When Sinead asks Chesney if he and Katy have unfinished business he denies it. But when Kirk and Beth admit to seeing Ryan with another woman it’s clear he’s worried for Katy.

As David urges Leanne to stick to her guns, insisting student night is a great idea, she presses ahead with her plans. Nick’s sceptical, especially when she invites a local reporter along, but as the bar starts filling up he buries his concern. The night appears to be a success, but outside David delivers his coup de grace and phones the police.

Faye’s spent her first night back at No 6 and is happy to be home. Tim is putting on a brave face, but when he tells Jason about Owen’s threat and how he must leave town Jason tells him not to give up on Faye so easily.

Also, Eileen prepares for her first day at counselling determined to save her relationship with Paul; Carla and Michelle head out to celebrate as business at Underworld is booming.