At the Windasses Katy unburdens herself to Anna, who visits Chesney. While sympathetic, she explains his girlfriend and unborn child need him now. The reality hits Ches, but when Katy again says they can’t afford another operation he is pushed over the limit and blows up. At the vet’s Schmeichel has taken a turn for the worse and the vet suggests having him put to sleep. Refusing to consider it Ches takes his dog home, but as he contemplates finding another vet there’s a knock on the door – it’s a bailiff!

As Lloyd struggles to deal with Cheryl’s betrayal, Karl’s attempts to cheer him up don’t go down well. Flying into a rage he takes his frustrations out on him and tells Karl he’s sacked.

As Tina prepares for dinner with Matt and his friends she can’t resist walking round the house in a towel in front of Kirsty. As Kirsty seethes, Tina is smug, but the evening doesn’t get off to a great start when Matt suggests her choice of outfit is a bit revealing.

Also, Ciaran’s stunned when Michelle reveals she’s loving being back on the street so much that she wants to stay.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Owen and Anna spot the bailiff on Chesney‘ s doorstep and urge him to come back tomorrow. Knowing only Katy can get through to him Kirk calls her. It’s heartbreaking as Ches finally concedes that Schmeichel needs to be put down. He’s overwhelmed by grief, but vows to look to the future…

Tina feels sidelined by Matt’s uni mates and her hackles rise. Outside, she lays into him for not defending her and when a passing PC asks if there’s a problem Tina turns on him. Mortified, Matt leaves, but back home Tommy comforts Tina.

Steve calms the situation with Karl by sending Lloyd home. But insists they go on a lads’ night out.

Also, when Ciaran insists he wants to return to the cruise ship he and Michelle realise they both want different things; Tommy constructs a ‘UFO’.