Can child killer Linda help the police?

Pcs Beth Green and Nate Roberts are alerted to the disappearance of 11-year-old, Dean Clarke, and give chase when they see Dean being dragged off by a man. When Nate and DC Grace Dasari find a note identical to one that child killers, Linda Johnson and Alistair Haig, left 20 years ago, they suspect that a copycat is at work.

DI Neil Manson and DS Stuart Turner visit Linda in prison. Linda claims that the suspect could be Mike Wilson, a man she had recently split with. A search of Wilson’s home uncovers a shrine to Linda and Alistair – and when Mike is brought in for questioning, it becomes clear he has a thing for Alistair in particular…

With Neil and Linda growing closer as they work together on the case, Linda reveals secrets about Mike’s past that prompt him to finally admit he has killed Dean. But, later, when a call comes from a terrified Dean, the team realise that Mike is just a fantasist – and the real suspect is still on the loose.