Ricky returns to the Bay and calls Nate, but before he can answer, Leah goes into respiratory distress. Nate warns Irene and Chris that she may still need a transplant. Feeling guilty, Chris decides to organise a community meeting to find Leah a potential live donor. Irene is elated when a crowd gathers at The Diner in support of Leah.

Alf, another casualty of Chris’s dodgy risotto, is still in hospital, but his condition is a lot better than Leah’s. In fact, it’s Marilyn’s over-the-top fussing that’s really making him feel sick.

With Phoebe momentarily back in Summer Bay, Kyle tries to convince her that he really wants her back but she worries that Kyle only chased her because his brothers weren’t around. She confronts Kyle, who promises that’s not the case. His resolve is then tested when he finds out that Brax is in hospital in London but resists the urge to go to Brax’s side. Phoebe tells Kyle that they can wait until his brothers get home before they move to Melbourne.    

Nate is shattered when Ricky admits to him that she cannot be in a relationship while she still has feelings for someone else. She breaks up with him, but assures Nate that this doesn’t mean that she’s getting back together with Brax.