Can Chris win Denny back?

Chris is down after seeing Casey with Denny and tells Kyle that Casey is trying to steal his girl. Meanwhile, Denny admits to Alf that she’s sad after her break-up with Chris. Later, Denny spots Chris dancing with Phoebe and is annoyed that he seems to be moving on. Casey and Denny have lunch together, which Chris uses as proof that there is something going on between them.

Jett is worried that John doesn’t want him to go to camp because he can’t afford it so decides to feign illness so John can get a refund. Meanwhile, John tells Marilyn that he can’t bear to be apart from Jett since Gina’s death. He eventually comes clean to Jett and, after the pair share a tender moment, Jett happily heads off.

Phoebe bets Kyle that she can make more money than Kyle does working at Angelo’s. Later, Phoebe is singing outside the Surf Club when a guy tries to crack onto her, enraging Kyle who punches him in the face.

Phoebe is angry at Kyle, she could handle that guy herself. Kyle says sorry to Phoebe for overreacting and she accepts his apology. Phoebe gets a call from her dad – he’s in Summer Bay and wants to meet Kyle.