Still in hospital, Dan is forced by Samantha to relive his grief over the miscarriage of their child and the couple address some painful home truths. Realising Samantha has to move on, Daniel helps her confront her grief. As they share their emotions, the bond between Dan and his wife is clear. Can Dan really let Sam go?

Declan and Ringo help Libby and Ben move in with Steph but Libby’s relationship with Ben is tested by her unresolved feelings for Dan. When Ben goes against her wishes and goes to the hospital to see Dan, Libby is confronted by the prospect that she has not moved on at all. She is later crushed when Dan comes home from hospital and she sees him share a long hug with Sam.

As Rosie gets closer to Samantha, she gets a new perspective on her pregnancy which leaves Frazer worrying that Sam has left her in a negative frame of mind. But when he later gives her a handmade baby blanket, she cheers up and begins to realise how lucky she is.

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