Daniel comes in to The Mill in a fantastic mood – it’s Joe’s first birthday! Kevin makes a joke about Joe chasing girls in front of Jimmi, and Jimmi’s frosty reaction proves things are still awkward between him and Daniel. When Jimmi gives Daniel a gift for his godson Joe, Daniel’s hopeful that bridges are being mended but Heston says it can’t be easy for Jimmi to see Daniel re-starting with Zara when Cherry is gone. 

Daniel is still a little too hasty in being chummy with his lost friend, and corners Jimmi to make clear his appreciation for everything that Jimmi has ever meant to him and tell him he misses what they had. Jimmi takes it in and leaves, cold to everything that’s been said. It’s clear that Daniel is still a long way away from winning him back.

Mrs Tembe is surprised to see Barbara turn up at reception with news about the impending arrival of their new vicar – she wants Mrs Tembe to put her superior cleaning skills to good use to impress him. Mrs Tembe not only does the worst jobs with a smile, but also captures a mouse that’s terrorising the rest of the congregation. Once again, she feels a valued and respected member of the community.

And when one of Kevin’s patients with a history of mental and emotional problems has an extreme reaction to her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, he has to counsel her to open up about the enormous secret she has been withholding from him.