Can Daniel forgive Amber?

Daniel’s in shock after Amber’s confession. She tries to explain but when he discovers that Paige knew the truth before he did, he leaves. He catches up with Paige and tells her some uncomfortable home truths before eventually finding Amber for a heart-to-heart. He can’t forgive her yet, but urges her to keep the baby secret from Josh for now.

Sheila’s concerned that Naomi is just the latest in a string of women destined for the Paul Robinson scrapheap. Naomi’s sure that Paul needs her and will commit to her, but has a minor wobble when he starts taking control of his business affairs. Although plans for a romantic lunch and an afternoon of romance allay Naomi’s fears, Sheila remains convinced that she’s making a mistake so decides to go and give Paul a harsh reality check.

Also, Kyle’s struck down with gastroenteritis so it’s up to Georgia to try and salvage a major contract.