Can Daniel save his relationship with Joe?

Daniel awakes to a storm raging and baby Joe crying. Zara tells him to go but Joe stops crying and Daniel drifts back to sleep. When he awakes – he’s dreaming – he’s in a strange room in a huge house. Downstairs, he finds Zara with a 16-year-old boy, who Zara claims is Joe.

Daniel passes out then comes round in a hospital with Zara telling consultant Mr Perry he’s a heavy drinker, who had an row with their son last night. Daniel defends himself; he doesn’t drink and his son’s a baby!

Back in reality at The Mill, Daniel’s stunned when his first patient Mr Perriford looks exactly like Mr Perry. Mr Perriford is lonely and tells Daniel he’s scared of what will happen when he dies; no-one will know or even care. This hits a nerve with Daniel.

Daniel goes to leave but he feels faint and passes out again. Daniel is suddenly back at the hospital of his nightmare and a pretty 20-year-old girl smiles at him; it’s Izzie. She confirms it’s 2025 and reveals she is training to be a doctor. Daniel is proud and then asks to go home.

At a huge mansion in his nightmare, Joe is packing his things and tells Daniel he’s just a drunk! Joe reveals Zara’s left him; their relationship has been stale for years and he’s always been a rubbish dad. Can Daniel fix his relationship with Joe, so that this awful future doesn’t happen?