Can Danny save the animals at Mara?

It’s a big day for all of the Trevonian family as the widowed Danny, who has been fighting for custody of his stepson Evan, will learn the judge’s final decision. It falls on the same day as Rosie’s interview for vet school and she feels torn between loyalty to her family and her lifelong ambition.

Sarah’s mother Caroline is now in the UK with Evan’s sister Olivia and has sent her sister, Georgina, to keep an eye on things in her absence. Georgina is getting on everyone’s nerves and Du Plessis comes up with a plan to keep her out of everyone’s way…

Meanwhile, the once affluent Mara is being sold off to asset strippers and a worried Fatani tells Du Plessis that the animals are suffering. Du Plessis sneaks off to investigate and is shocked to find a lone baby elephant threatened by hungry lions. Du Plessis is chased off at gunpoint but realises that things are looking really bad for the animals at Mara. Can the team save them in time?

At Evan’s custody trial, the judge decides that the teenager must return to the UK the next day, a decision which leaves the whole family devastated. Rosie realises how deeply hurt her father is, and when Max surprises her with the news that she has attained her vet school place, she decides to turn it down, arguing that her father needs her at Leopard’s Den.