Can Danny tame vet Alice?

Danny is summoned to help control an outbreak of rabies in the National Park and assures Vanessa that Mara won’t be affected. Danny meets Alice, who’s helping with the quarantine operation, but clashes with her for bringing her daughter Charlotte along. When they argue about how best to control the outbreak, Danny asks Alice to leave. But they soon call a truce when Alice finds Charlotte close to a rabid cheetah.

Meanwhile, Evan returns to Leopard’s Den, having convinced his dad to let him live in Africa, and he’s delighted to meet Vanessa’s pretty daughter, Grace. When Danny returns to Leopard’s Den with Alice and Charlotte in tow, Du Plessis is intrigued by the mystery woman. And when Danny admits to Rosie how hard it’s been working with Alice, Rosie urges her father to try harder with the newcomer.

The next day, Danny frustrates Alice by giving her a desk job, saying he doesn’t want her working in the field. But when she shows him a waterhole from where she believes the rabies is spreading, Danny is impressed and decides to investigate. Alice’s theory is proved right – but there’s bad news for Vanessa with the discovery of an infected mongoose burrow leading straight onto Mara land…

Also, when Danny rejects Evan’s request to throw a ‘coming home’ party, Max points out to Danny that Evan might have his eye on a girl.