Can Darren save Nancy?

As Nancy sleeps, Sienna switches on the iron and places it face-down on one of Oscar’s baby grows. She goes back to work, regardless of the billowing smoke starting to engulf Nancy upstairs. Darren returns to the pub and Sienna is horrified when she realises Oscar’s upstairs with his mum, oblivious to the severe danger the surrounds them. He raises the alarm and Sienna rushes to save Oscar.

Jase manages to rescue the delivery but is furious when he returns to the deli. Doug twigs what’s going on and is equally angry with his business partner, prompting a defeated Ste to quit for good and leave Doug in the lurch.

Lindsey brings her fiancé along to Dr Brownings dinner party, who turns out to be Joe Roscoe… It’s a battle of wits at Browning and Mercedes’ dinner party, with Mercy trying to undermine her fiancé in front of Lindsey. Joe loves the floor show, especially when Browning spills wine in Mercy’s lap and she whips off her jeggings in the kitchen.