Ravi’s determined that Anita goes to the police and reports Dave for spiking her. But she’s reluctant. Back at halls, Dave’s worried that his friends have their doubts over his innocence. In an attempt to clear the awkward atmosphere, Dave, Josh, India and Charlotte head the SU but the arrival of two police officers quickly puts an end to Dave’s fun.

Anita’s horrified to see Dave hauled into a police car, especially when she hears it’s for assaulting Ravi. As Dave barges in their flat, Ravi grabs the phone to call the police. Anita’s forced to admit that Dave never spiked her… she took the drugs herself.

Lydia watches Charlotte and Zoe talking and becomes paranoid that Charlotte will betray her. She follows them and threatens to kill herself if the truth is ever revealed. Zoe returns back to the flat and finds Lydia packing, but eventually persuades Lydia to stay in Hollyoaks for Christmas.

Also; Mercedes and Calvin find themselves underneath a stem of mistletoe. Unaware that Spencer is in the room. Later, Spencer tries the mistletoe trick he witnessed on Sasha, but it doesn’t go as well as he’d hoped for. A miserable Spencer explains to Malachy that Mercedes didn’t push Calvin away earlier.

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