Can Debbie face Lisa and Zak?

So, Lisa and Zak are at the hospital, desperate to know how Belle has ended up on a ventilator. How, indeed. Perhaps Debbie would like to explain… Except Lisa and Zak think she’s a hero for getting their little girl to hospital and Cameron’s not so bad, either, for helping her. Charity and Cain think differently. They’ve quickly realised that Belle got drunk on Debbie’s dodgy vodka and that Belle could die or, if she lives, be brain damaged, because of Debbie. It’s another awful, painful truth that Debbie has to face – and one that Zak and Lisa have to face, too, when Debbie tells them the truth. Now Debbie’s completely on her own…

Brenda’s not on her own in her battle against brain cancer. She’s got Bob, Gennie, Nikhil, Rodney, and even Nikhil’s mum Georgia (whether she wants her or not) looking out for her and encouraging her. But none of them can do anything about her hair falling out. Brenda’s devastated when she brushes her hair and it falls out. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy are hard enough, but this is cruel.

Nikhil’s kind of had an idea for a new line of work: the B&B. Pollard’s selling, so Nikhil could buy it. Well, at least the rooms will be spotless. But can OCD Nikhil really cope with strangers sleeping on his nice, clean, ironed, sheets and using his spotless, fluffy towels?