Can Denise stop Jordan and Lucas?

Denise is left reeling as Jordan begs her to go with him to get Lucas. As Libby leaves for the family meal at the restaurant, Denise puts a sticky note on Libby’s bag. Staying behind with Jordan, Denise agrees to his plan. Realising Denise is stalling, Jordan insists he’ll go on his own, prompting Denise to beg Jordan not to get reeled in. Meanwhile, Libby sees the note on her bag about Lucas’ plot to escape and rushes home.

Mick and Linda are horrified to learn that Ollie’s high chair was knocked over during Lee and Nancy’s fight. Although relieved when Ollie appears to be fine, Mick and Linda have had enough of Lee and Nancy’s fighting. Smashing a chair on the floor when they kick off again, Mick chucks them out of The Vic.

Claudette is in shock after hitting Gavin with the candelabra but has she bumped him off? When Vincent turns up, Claudette tries to cover for her strange mood. Realising that there’s more to Claudette’s story than she’s letting on, Vincent pushes her for the truth. Claudette’s confession, however, causes all hell to break loose!

Also, Joel’s brother Tim has something for Ronnie.