Dodger invites Dennis to a strip club, but when Dodger has to cancel, Dennis is left on his own. He tries to escape and ends up in a dancer’s dressing room. One of the bar staff, Blessing, hits him and the pair are thrown out of the club. Blessing follows Dennis and he offers her his couch. Meanwhile, Leela isn’t showing much love to Darren so he decides to leave but Ste guesses she’s had her heart broken.

Everyone returns to camp apart from Finn and Phoebe. John Paul finds them and shouts at Finn to stay away from her. Finn jumps on a quad bike but he hits a pile of rocks and ends up lifeless on the floor. John Paul finds him but contemplates leaving his student to die.

Robbie arrives and John Paul does CPR on his rapist while they wait for the ambulance. Robbie tells John Paul that if anything happens to his friend, it will be his fault for not acting sooner. John Paul explodes at Robbie, leaving the tear-away suspicious.

Sinead brings Katy into A&E and is desperate for Lindsey to find out what’s wrong with her baby, while Diane and Freddie are shocked by the doctor’s diagnosis – that Sinead’s making the whole thing up for attention!