Can Dennis stop Blessing leaving?

Blessing calls her mum and tells her she’s coming home. Dennis marches into The Dog and asks Frankie where Blessing is. He sees her getting on a bus and pinches a little girl’s bike to chase after her – will he reach her in time?

Sienna is concerned when she sees that Nancy is back without Darren. She drives to the campsite to find Darren unconscious and calls an ambulance. In hospital, Darren tells Sienna that Tom won’t tesify, but she has to leave them alone. Nancy overhears and thinks he still has feelings for Sienna.

At the pub, Darren tells Nancy maybe they shouldn’t have got back together and immediately regrets it when she storms out. Robbie follows her and plants a seed about them being together. Darren comes home and finds Nancy in bed; he notices a man’s belt on the floor with an ‘R’ buckle and is furious. Has Nancy slept with Robbie?

Freddie feels a pang of sympathy when a doctor tells him Grace may never be able to have children after being shot. Grace tells Freddie this is only the beginning for her and Mercedes… Carmel tells Mercedes and Nana that someone has put a higher offer in on their house. Mercedes can’t believe it when she finds out Grace is the new owner.