Still keen to reconcile the Alahans, Sophie sets up a meeting at the Bistro. As Sunita tells Dev how she regrets cheating on him and breaking his heart, Dev admits he still loves her. As Sophie’s bid to get them back together seems to have been successful, Sunita and Dev look for ways to move forward together.

When Ryan borrows Chesney’s van for his DJ gear he invites Katy out for the afternoon and, inventing a dentist appointment, she slips away. But when the van fails to start it looks like they’re stranded and will miss Faye’s party. That is until Gary spots the van. Panic-stricken Katy tries to hide, but Gary sees her. As Chesney prepares to get down on bended knee Gary realises what Katy has been up to.

When Stella asks Jason to repair a leaking pipe in the pub cellar he puts Tim on the job. But when Tim bodges it, sending water spraying everywhere, Karl steps into help. As he takes in the scene in the cellar an idea strikes him and he redirects the flow of water onto the electrics fuse box causing chaos.

Also, Gail overhears Sally complaining to Sophie that Gail’s gone beyond her station as a guest by rearranging all of the cupboards.