Can Dex and April work together?

April is still upset that Dex believes he’s smarter than her. She asks to be transferred to another ward, but Sid tells her the solution is to work out her differences with Dex. Dex is worried that he’s tapped into April’s insecurities, but Sid suggests maybe he’s the insecure one. If he’s uneasy about his decision to become a nurse he shouldn’t take it out on April.

Dex makes peace with his decision to pursue nursing instead of medicine. Later, April almost forgets one thing in a set of instructions given by Sid – that a patient is nil-by-mouth. Dex refrains from telling her, hoping she’ll remember this crucial instruction, and he’s delighted when she does. Dex feels at ease, knowing April is going to be a great doctor. Later, April feels supported by Dex when she realises what he did.

Maddy forms a friendship with Holly, not knowing that she’s been bullying Rosie. However, Spencer’s concerned about Holly. Meanwhile, Zac’s uncomfortable with Holly’s interest in him. Unbeknownst to them, Holly’s interest is more than just a crush, as she shows Maddy pictures she’s taken of Zac when he hasn’t noticed. Natalie overhears the two girls talking, and is concerned. Later, Maddy questions whether Holly is serious about Zac.