DI Neil Manson visits a landfill site where Adele Jones has been murdered, and witness Stan McNally claims he had seen Adele at a house party arguing with a man named Kyle Bosco. Kyle insists he doesn’t know Adele, but when Trainee DC Kezia Walker finds pictures of her on his computer, Kyle is arrested on suspicion of murder.

When Kyle admits he argued with Adele but has an alibi for the time of her murder, the case continues and Dave Richardson is brought in for questioning. Dave admits to paying Adele for sex but says she refused to sleep with him, claiming she was in love with someone. The officers soon discover that the man in Adele’s life was Stan.

Admitting that he had a relationship with Adele, Stan confesses that he and Adele argued at the party but swears he didn’t kill her. When Stan’s alibi later checks out, the officers are frustrated that all suspects have been eliminated and Adele’s murderer is still at large…