Diane is pleased that she’s made progress with Victoria but she worries about Jo and Victoria managing while Jack is in Spain. Diane pops over to Butler’s and her fears grow when she finds farmhands Jake and Sam at odds. Diane offers to move in for a while to help Jo, but she is devastated when Jo makes it clear that Diane is no longer part of the family and the farm is not her concern.

David is in a dilemma over what to do about Donald’s job offer, as he knows that it would wind-up Nicola. David tells Nicola that he is having second thoughts about bumping off Donald and Nicola is dismayed. Later, she comes up with a new plan to overdose Donald and blame it on his new nurse Cindy. David is appalled.

Matthew tells Carl to get going on the tender for the council waste contract as there is only a few days left before it needs to be in. Donald sees the Kings in the pub and confesses that he may put in a bid himself. Matthew is scornful, but he is clearly rattled by the competition.

Also, Katie agrees to give Gray one more chance.