Can Diane reunite Katie and Andy?

Katie’s down in the dumps now that things are over with Andy, and it’s same story for him too. But if there’s one person who can sort things out between them it’s Andy’s stepmum Diane. After comforting Andy, Diane talks to Katie and persuades her to talk things through with him. Meanwhile, hope springs eternal for Bernice who thinks Andy will want her back now he’s finished with Katie, but Megan soon puts her straight.

Ross has agreed to do another job for Gary North, and he’s got his brother Adam on board to make sure it goes smoothly. Now, his secret lover Donna wants in – especially as there will be £50,000 at the end of it! As they prepare for the job, Ross tells Donna that he’s made plans for them to run away when it’s over. But what he doesn’t know is that Donna is dying and only has a few weeks to live, so as he talks about their future together, she’s devastated because she knows it’s never going to happen.

After yet another argument with her sister-in-law, Megan is on the phone to a flirty client when she comes up with an idea for stirring up trouble between Charity and Declan…