Can Donna help Kate and Declan?

Although it looks like Declan and Kate’s relationship is back on track, Kate’s still struggling to feel comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t feel beautiful, and thinks it’s strange when anyone mentions the word ‘hot’. As she’s lacking confidence, Donna comes to the rescue and proposes a plan to try and help Kate discover her inner sensuality and make her feel more comfortable in herself. But will Kate be happy with Donna’s ideas – or will the plans end in disaster?

Elsewhere in the street, Ben’s had a change of heart. He thinks soccer’s not for him, and he wants to have a go at dancing instead. However, as quickly as it came, his new-found love of dance suddenly disappears. Libby’s unsure of why he’s changed his mind, but soon realises someone must have said something to influence his opinion.

Libby teams up with Toadie to try and find the culprit, but even after interrogating friends, Callum and Sophie, they still don’t know who’s to blame. Back at home, Libby discovers that Ben overheard Lucas saying that dancing is a girls’ thing, and certainly isn’t for boys. Can Libby rescue Ben’s love of dance while also teaching Lucas a lesson?

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